Baguio – Episode 2


  • Ohh Bam! We have been eagerly looking forward to episode 2, and were all sooo excited when we saw you had posted it!! Our family all gathered around the computer and excitedly watched the Steffens epic travel to Baguio! It was incredible, and I loved seeing all the details of the trip, and you put it all together in such an incredible way! :) Praise the Lord that He has been with you on your long journey and that you arrived safely — we have been praying for you much, and will continue to!

    Oh, watching the video made us want to see more, and we’ll wait with breathless anticipation to the promised ‘soon coming update’!!! We’re all soo excited for you all, and love hearing and watching all the updates from the front lines!

    Oh, and Caleb wanted me to tell you that the motion update was absolutely amazing. :) :)

    God bless!
    Ashley and Family

  • Glad you liked the video! This episode was kinda hard, as it’s so easy to make travel unutterably boring! But I’m glad you all enjoyed it and hopefully the next episode should be out soon! :D Tell Matthew and Caleb hi for me!

  • No kidding, I’ve done travel videos before and you either get way too much video because you’re bored or else you’re so tired of traveling you don’t take any video. Your video was absolutely fantabulous!!! Fast paced and interesting. Oh, and I loved the shot in the TSA Xray machine!! :p That was clever.

  • Sean N. says:

    Makes me want to run to the airport. Nice job, my friend! :)

  • Our family is enjoying watching your updates and are praying for your family!! Looking forward to hearing more about your experience there! :)

  • Brandon, what lens are you using?

  • Richard Steffens says:

    Hey Alexander!

    I shot this entire episode on my 28mm f/1.8 lens. The first episode was shot with my 50mm 1.8 and for the four wide angle shots I used a 14mm f/2.8 lens.

  • aubrey says:

    I just can’t imagine you are now living here in the phil.together with your family and friends….well that’s life,…honestly it’s great to be with you for atleast two weeks….is it two weeks???ahh ok..whatever week it is…it’s still a week right?^_^… By the way here is my,just add me up..:)..May God bless you more as you go on with your life…^_^..take care…

  • Thanks for your email address Aubrey! We’re really missing you guys! Keep in touch, ok?

  • Aubrey says: prob Richard..^_^..ok..

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