Baguio – Episode 4

Baguio – Episode 4. Feel free to comment what you think!


  • Ashley says:

    Hurray! Another update! :-D It was grand to get an exciting look at the clinic there — it sure brings back such deja vu of Peru…! Thankful things are going so well there, and thanks for keeping us updated! Your video updates are so much looked forward to here in the Kanomata household, and we enjoy more than one perusal of your grand productions from Baguio! ;)

  • Hey Doctor, Nice technique. I could not do better myself! We are enjoying the updates. Greg

  • Your action in Baguio is fantastic.
    Go on !!!
    I Have understood that you are working with “Quiet Hour Ministries”.
    I tried to get some informations with them about works we could do in french speaking countries but i get no answers.
    Have you already come back ?
    !!! Congratulations for the whole Steffens family !!!

  • Richard Steffens says:

    Yes! We are still here in Philippines! We are leaving Sunday. Please continue to pray – radical stuff going on here…

  • We are enjoying your videos SOooo much! Just glad it was you all doing the teeth pulling!
    Great job on the photography, Richard Brandon! Grandpa and Grandma

  • Richard Steffens says:

    Thank you Grandpa and Grandma! We miss you! :)

  • Cathy & Co says:

    We watched all the videos with pleasure. Praise God for this talent, which will certainly increase to His glory!

  • edraline says:

    ..this is a nice job!!!..we will miss you!..God Bless!!!:)

  • Zachary Roux says:

    Richard! This is great! The work that you’re doing is surely blessing many people over there, and giving hope to a world in darkness. Keep up the good work! And the video production is fantastic! :) I can’t wait for the next one! ;)

  • Nancy Troyer says:

    Amazing . . . I would’ve liked to hear your family singing together!

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