Baguio – Episode 5


  • Sean N. says:

    Ha! Love it… “I’m going to finish this…” Go Shaya. :D

  • Jent Kyle says:

    It looks amazing… I still can’t believe my sister has eaten durian!!

  • Ashley says:

    Oh! The dreaded durian! Wow, hurray for Shaya! what determination to brave it till the last drop :-D Thanks for posting it, we really enjoyed it!! Keeping you all in our prayers :)

  • Uncle Ron says:

    Thanks for the capture. After thirty years the taste comes back to me in full color. As I recall, a good share of Americans were repulsed by both the odor and the taste. I happen to love durian. I can tell you that if you eat an entire durian you’ll break out in a little different type of sweat, probably a tropical shortcut straight into manhood. Hope you like it yourself…

    BTW Shaya,
    Your fortitude came through. The look on your face said it all. Now you have greater leverage–a higher contrast–for the flavors that match your buds.

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