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Welcome to the new blog! After three years on the previous design, I wanted to freshen things up a bit. Also, besides the visual change, I’m planning on a slight shift in content. It’s an unfortunate fact that has been rather silent  of late. I’ve been focusing on projects that take more time in production, so naturally, the frequency has lessened. But to keep those interested in my work up to date, I’ll be adding some additional film related content, and a more personal look at my projects as a student filmmaker.


There are four general categories I tentatively plan to cover.

Short Films // Behind the Scenes // Film Reviews // Cinema Philosophy




And as always, this blog will focus on short films; it’s not becoming our next abstract soul dump. :) Also, if you’re interested in the study of filmmaking, be sure to check out my new Booklist page. You’ll find a number of volumes that have drastically aided my study.

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  • Alejandra says:

    Hey Richard! I just want to tell you that you are really doing great on this website!! I hope you keep doing this because those films are looking very good! See you soon!

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