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Today, several of my friends and I will be kicking off a film challenge. Here’s the idea. In the next two weeks, we’ll have to write, shoot, and edit a short film in it’s entirety. Assuming we’re successful, at the end of the challenge, we’ll each upload our short films to the world wide web. I think it’ll be an exciting educational exercise.

Current Participates

My project is entitled ‘x+ y2 = r2‘. It will be a semidocumentary art film, using circles as a metaphor for life. The challenge will be presenting everything on screen in the continual form of a circle.
Our short film will portray the essence of life as a woodworker. We’ll be looking at what inspires our breed of artisan to daily create work that inspires.
My project is entitled “I’ll Make a Nurse Out of You!” It’s going to be a parody of Disney’s famous song from Mulan. It’s a music video that takes a comical look into the struggles of nursing school. This is going to be my first major music video so I’m pretty excited about it!
The name of my is short film is “Socially Awkward”. It shows how social media can change the way people interact with the world around them.
My short film will showcase one of my favorite activities – downhill mountain biking. I will be filming a ride down the 007 trail in the heart of the Sierras.
Life is hard for Johnathan – he is stressed with school, and work. So he set out on a journey to find peace in his life.
I’ll be looking at the passion behind a soccer player, his game, and the teamwork that makes it all possible.
My film is entitled “evolve”. It’s about evolution and how God is the one who has created us.

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This isn’t a competition, just a fun, creative exercise between friends. We’d love to have others join in on the challenge. Anyone’s perfectly welcome. If you’re interested, drop me a comment; I’d love to hear you’re joining in. :)

We’ll be posting a mid-challange behind the scenes update on how we’re progressing, so check back for updates. Hopefully we’ll have a little making-of short, too.


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