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Vintage SLR

 x2 + y2 = r2

Director, Cinematographer = Richard Steffens
Production Design = Matthew Kanomata
1st Camera Assistant = Caleb Kanomata


It’s been an incredible last couple weeks. Six filmmakers have simultaneously created something beautiful; we’ve written, shot, and edited a short film in it’s entirety. I think each of us have found some type of truth in our journey. There’s been plenty of late nights and early mornings,  lugging jibs out to some obscure location in time for golden hour… There are times of euphoria, and moments when spirits aren’t so high. Our families have lovingly pitched in along side us. I have estimated I put about 50 hours into my one-and-a-half minute piece. It’s been amazing. We’ve had a lovely time, and most importantly, I’ve learned so much in the process.

I’m incredibly honored to present the following five films from my fellow challenge participants. They’ve all put so much into them, and I’m proud to call these talented guys my friends. Enjoy.

Kevin Velazquez

Journey for Peace

Actor/Voice Over Talent: Jonathan Ambrose
Director/DP: Kevin Velazquez
1st AC: Stephanie Velazquez
PA: Frances Velazquez, Arlene Velazquez
Grip: Ben Velazquez

Gerrod Clarke

Best Friends Forever

Director/DP: Gerrod Clark

Nathan Sarli


Director/DP: Nathan Sarli

Caleb Rayne

Berry Muffins

Cinematography, Editing: Caleb Rayne
Starring: Hannah Rayne

Caleb Kanomata

A Way of Life

Director, Cinematographer: Caleb Kanomata
Producer: Matthew Kanomata
Talent: Matthew Kanomata


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